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April Riverwood


Native American Women

Now Available on Amazon!

April Riverwood is extremely proud and excited to share her first book, Unstoppable Native American Women, book one in a series profiling some of history’s most interesting & inspiring Unstoppable Women.  

Unstoppable Native American Women is now available in ebook format. Paperback & audiobook coming soon! Subscribe below for updates via email.


About April Riverwood

Who Is April Riverwood?

April Riverwood is an avid researcher and perpetual student who has longed to publish her work since she first won a poetry contest in elementary school.  Her curiosity and love of travel have shown her first-hand how women can be marginalized and underestimated in an often male-dominated culture, especially in the deep south of the United States, where she earned her BFA and has lived most of her life.  Her first series Unstoppable Women was born of a desire to showcase strong women throughout history to her favorite niece, Lyn.  Unstoppable Native American Women is her first book. 

“Having courage does not mean we are unafraid.”

Maya Angelou

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